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IPTC NewsML-G2 standard for the exchange of news and news-related information.

Learn more about its features and who uses it at

The GitHub repository ( provides all NewsML-G2 files in the master branch.

This is version 2.32, approved by the IPTC Standards Committee in May 2023.

The files of the current and of previous versions (from 2.23 on) can be retrieved as GitHub releases from, and also downloaded from

A full history of versions and a list of all changes is available at


The NewsML-G2 Implementation Guidelines are available at

The latest NewsML-G2 Specification in HTML is available at

XML Schema documentation of the latest version is available in this package under the folder specification/XML-Schema-Doc-Power/


A set of unit tests is included in the tests folder of this repository. See tests/ for more information.

Further information and questions

For any questions, comments or suggestions, please join the public NewsML-G2 forum at