Example page showing a photo with embedded metadata ...

... supporting the Google image search Licensable feature

This page shows a photo with metadata embedded in two ways:

Photo with metadata

The IPTC metadata embedded into the image file can be shown using IPTC's Get Photo Metadata site. Check the Web Statement of Rights and the Licensor/Web URL fields.

The schema.org metadata object is shown in the source code of this web page - in the <head> element inside a <script> element. Be aware that the "url" property of this object must be the same URL as used by the <img> element in the <body> of the page. (Using a Chrome browser on a desktop/notebook computer: use Ctrl + U to view the source code.)

This page was created by IPTC's Photo Metadata Working Group to demonstrate a proper use of metadata for Google image search's Licensable feature.