Membership FAQ

IPTC is a membership organisation. This page answers questions about joining IPTC as a member. If you are interested in joining, please visit our How To Join page for details.

Any enquiries regarding membership are welcome: write to

What is IPTC?

The International Press Telecommunications Council is a consortium of news agencies, newspapers and news system vendors that develops and publishes technical specifications to promote the easy, accurate and inexpensive sharing of news.

Who runs IPTC?

The members are represented by a board of directors and a chairman who hire a managing director and contract consultants for specific duties. Development work is handled by committees and smaller working groups. Some of them focus on general issues, such as the exchange of general news; others on specific areas such as photography, rights or sports results. The membership votes before a standard is published, though exact voting rights vary by type of membership.

Who pays for the IPTC?

Only the members. IPTC standards for news exchange are available for downloading at no cost and there are no royalties or fees; the only source of income is membership dues. The motto for IPTC’s standard development work is “made by the news industry, for the news industry.” In this way the fees pay for the overall industry’s needs. For individual members, dues pay for early and direct access to the development of standards, and for networking with peers in the news industry.
Current annual membership fees
  • Voting Member: 4,740 EUR
  • Associate Member: 1,580 EUR
  • Individual Member: 200 EUR

When and where does IPTC meet?

The entire organization holds two face-to-face meetings each year. The three meeting days provide workshop-like sessions and discussions about topics from IPTC working area and sessions of the working groups. One of those meetings is also combined with a more formal Annual General Meeting when basic organizational decisions are taken. Locations are rotated worldwide, with at least one held in Europe each year.

In addition, regular development sessions are held by telephone conferences and views and proposals are shared on email groups.

Who can attend IPTC meetings, sessions, discussions?

Everybody interested in the work of IPTC can attend a face-to-face meeting or regular conference call sessions as a guest for a limited time. This helps to make a decision about joining as member based on practical experience.

Can small companies or sole practitioners join IPTC?

Yes! Even if your company cannot send delegates to IPTC meetings, several affordable membership plans are available to encourage participation by any interested firm. Happily, IPTC has found that some of its biggest contributors to standards work come from some of the smallest member organizations.

If the standards are free, why join IPTC?

Members receive many benefits, including the ability to request changes or make contributions to the development of standards, and membership in working committees. Both news and IT professionals use IPTC meetings to network among other delegates and invited guests. Members also have access to the IPTC’s internal working documents and to members-only discussion groups. This way they are well ahead of the public, who have access to a standard only after endorsement by the IPTC members. Of course, members also have voting privileges. Finally, a membership in IPTC makes a statement about your business – that it is one of the news industry leaders and is committed to the overall well-being of worldwide journalism.

How do I follow the activities of IPTC?

We maintain web sites (this one you are using right now – – and our Developer Site –, both are updated frequently. The IPTC also makes presentations at major news technology events such as WAN-IFRA Expo and CEPIC Congress. Finally, committee discussion groups via email are a good way to keep up; some of the groups are open to non-members.