Weather and Tide Updates for Norfolk

A sample, fictitious NITF article

Editor's Note:This sample article was created completely from scratch in order to illustrate various features of NITF. Parts of it are somewhat contrived, in order to illustrate as much of the DTD as possible.

By Alan Karben
NITF Network News Online

ScreamingMedia, Inc. Newport News, VA

Superb weather in Norfolk today. Tides coming in and out as per usual.

The tides are high.
Photo: Karben
The tides, captured on film late yesterday.

The weather was superb today in Norfolk, Virginia. Made me want to take out my boat, manufactured by the Acme Boat Company .

Tides in Norfolk are running normal today. This weeks article highlights many of this week's fishing issues, and also presents a reference table of tide times.

The Tides are High

As can be seen from the table below, the shores of Oceanview again present the brightest spots for fishermen and sandcastle-builders alike.

today tide tomorrow next day third day
beach high low in out high low high low high low
Sunset 30 14 09:23 18:51 28 11 31 12 33 9
Oceanview 31 15 09:25 18:56 26 11 31 11 31 9
Shellfish 29 15 09:25 18:53 26 9 29 11 30 11

Based on these tide tables, I believe you can see that this weekend stands to be an excellent one for small- or large-scale fishing exhibitions.

Local Nooks

There are many local nooks that fishing fans may want to keep a special eye one.

  • Deer Creek: This area has proven to be a bass-lover's haven. Wilt Monthaven reports that examples of bass over 30 inches long have been reeled-in by both the casual and the professional angler.
  • Fox Run: A bit more difficult, logistically, to navigate. However, the reports of Sturgeon in this area have put it on the fishing map for the first time since 1996.
  • Pheasant Hollow: If you don't mind the crowds, this old favorite has come through this year. More fish than you can shake a stick at. Or a rod at.

Happy fishing everybody!

Stewart Klometers contributed to this article.