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Change Log for
IPTC News Architecture for G2 (NAR)

This documents records all changes after version 1.5 to this framework of the IPTC G2-Standards. Latest changes are on the top.

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Page last edited on: 2010-05-11


Change in version NAR 1.7 (May 2010)
Change ID NAR-CR00116
Description Extend the rightsInfo expression to cover these additional features:
- making a distinction between content and metadata a rightsInfo is about
- clarifying by an extended processing model how to refer to parts of the content or specific metadata properties
- extend the structure to provide more than a single copyright information
Changes to the spec

<rightsInfo> element:
- @idrefs definition changed
- @scope added
- @aspect added

A comprehensive Processing Model applies to rightsInfo now.

Note The Processing Model will be made available in the annually updated G2 specifications documents in autumn 2010.
Change in version NAR 1.7 (May 2010)
Change ID NAR-CR00115
Description The partMeta element which was defined in the context of NewsML-G2 only is moved into the NAR for G2 framework and thus available for all G2 items. Further it is extended to describe a part of the content not only by time delimiters and region delimiters but now also by a reference to an XML element with an ID which contains a part of the content.
Changes to the spec <partMeta> is now also available as child element of <knowledgeItem> and <packageItem>
Note This change contributes to the new rightsInfo features of NAR-CR00116, see above.
Change in version NAR 1.6 (December 2009)
Change ID NAR-CR00114
Description Adding a “sameAs” child element to the scheme entries of a catalog. Such a sameAs indicates that all concepts of the scheme identified by this entry, in particular by the “uri” attribute, are semantically equivalent to the concepts of the scheme identified by the sameAs.
Changes to the spec <scheme> element under a <catalog> in all variants of Item:
adding a <sameAs> child element.
Note A “private” scheme of a provider with a sameAs relationship to a publicly well-known scheme – or another provider - solves a couple of issues:
- adding translations of free-text properties, i.e. name, definition, note, which are not available with the original scheme
- adding additional information, e.g. usage notes to the concepts
Change in version NAR 1.6 (December 2009)
Change ID NAR-CR00113
Description Adding an address structure directly under the POIDetails wrapper in a concept. The address provides the names of the geographic location of the Point Of Interest.
Changes to the spec <POIDetails> element of Concept + Knowledge Item:
adding an <address> child element.
Note Up to NAR 1.5 only a position expressed in latitude and longitude values is available to define the location of a POI.
Change in version NAR 1.6 (December 2009)
Change ID NAR-CR00112
Description Change the definition for the Hint and Extension Point(s) in the NAR: allow to add also the children of a concept element to be added directly to the Hint and Extension Point.
Changes to the spec For any occurrence of a Hint and Extension Point in all G2 specification documents this sentence should be added:
* Immediate child properties of <itemMeta>, <contentMeta>, or <concept> - optionally with their descendants - may be used directly under the extension point
Note The concept element has two mandatory elements, conceptId and name. If this point is used in an assert element one must add a conceptId while the assertion could be made about a concept which is not from a controlled vocabulary. A workaround would be to add a dummy identifier which is pointless.
Change in version NAR 1.6 (December 2009)
Change ID NAR-CR00111
Description A Hierarchy Info property is added to the <concept> element and to all datatypes representing a concept.
Changes to the spec A <hierarchyInfo> was added as child to virtually all elements proving a @qcode attribute to take a property's value.
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