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EventsML-G2 Specification Errata

This documents records all known errors in the EventsML-G2 specification documents in http://www.iptc.org/std/EventsML-G2/

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Errata page last edited on: 2009-03-20


Erratum number 1
Entry date 2008-08-15
Issue In the documents EventsML-G2_1.0-spec-CCL_2.pdf section 3.7 (Item Links) and EventsML-G2_1.0-spec-PCL_2.pdf section 3.8 (Item Links) a scheme-URI for the CV for item relationships is defined as http://cv.iptc.org/newscodes/relation/ - and this scheme-URI does not exist.
Planned correction The correct scheme-URI is http://cv.iptc.org/newscodes/itemrelation/ - this will be corrected in the next version of both specification documents.
Note Corrected in the EventsML-G2_1.2.... versions of the specification document, released on 20 March 2009.