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Which NewsML standard do you want?

NewsML is designed to provide a media-type-independent, structural framework for multi-media news. Beyond exchanging single items it can also convey packages of multiple items in a structures layout.

This page allows to select more information either about NewsML 1.x or NewsML-G2 2.x

NewsML 1.x

NewsML 1 is the first design of the NewsML approach to exchange news. It was adopted by big news agencies around the globe and is still in use.

NewsML 1 was released first in 2000, the current version is 1.2 of 2003.

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NewsML-G2 is the next step in the NewsML evolution: it builds on a framework which is common to a whole family of news exchange standards while its focus remains on the exchange of general news. Also the handling of metadata values has been improved.

NewsML-G2 was first released in spring 2008 more about the current version can be found in NewsML-G2 section of this website.




Latest version 2.19


Latest version 2.19


Latest version 2.2

ninjs (news-in-JSON)

Latest version 1.1


Latest version 1.2


Latest version 1.2


Latest version 3.6

NewsML 1

Latest version 1.2


Latest version 4.2

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