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Controlled vocabularies not from the IPTC

IPTC creates and maintains its controlled vocabularies for categorizing news content. But there are more ...

The IPTC acknowledges that a couple of Controlled Vocabularies (CV) created by other bodies are widely used for news exchange. As the IPTC does not intend to duplicate existing work thus urging users to maintain a couple of CVs with actually the same scope in parallel the IPTC recommends to use these non-IPTC controlled vocabularies.

A directory of IPTC recommended CVs of other parties can be found on the web site

The IPTC explicity acknowledges all Intellectual Property associated with these CVs and underlines that it only recommends their use but does not assert or claim any ownership or rights regarding these CVs.



NewsCodes is ...

... the brand name for IPTC's controlled vocabularies/taxonomies.

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A controlled vocabulary

... or taxonomy or scheme is a set of terms to express a facet of news content. Facets could be e.g. the subject, the genre, the urgency etc. A controlled vocabulary could be a flat list of terms or a hierarchical structure. In the context of the G2-Standards or SKOS a vocabulary is called a 'scheme'.

Retrieve NewsCodes in many formats

IPTC NewsCodes can be downloaded from the IPTC CV server by vocabulary or by single concept. The download is available in different formats to better integrate with the Semantic Web - see >>>

Use Scheme Browser tool

For downloading and the local management of NewsCodes on your computer the Scheme Browser tools is available - for free - DOWNLOAD

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Feed A feed in the Atom 1.0 format is providing all changes to any of the IPTC NewsCodes