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The SportsML community is running a SportsML section on the IPTC Developer Site:

To find latest examples and guidelines for implementing SportsML go to and enjoy and discuss what is provided there.

In addition the IPTC maintains a public discussion group on Yahoo to move the standard forward, and to keep users and maintainers of the standard in touch with one another.

The SportsML Discussion Forum is used to discuss usage and development of the SportsML standard, and to recommend and discuss potential improvements.




SportsML 2.2 Released

The most important changes in this new version of Sportsml are 1) Documentation improvements 2) Additions to the core schema 3) Enhancements to the soccer plugin and 4) Adjustments to the tournament model.

See the Specification and Documentation tabs in the navigation bar on the top of this page to download the latest files.

NEW G2-Guidelines

A 260 page "G2 Guidelines for Implementers" document is available for download - see Documentation page.

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