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SportsML 2.2 documentation:

Users of SportsML 2.0 and higher can elect to create and share standalone SportsML files, or they can include their SportsML as part of IPTC G2 structures.

The IPTC's G2 Standard provides a unified framework for packaging and exchanging news content. It specifies a standard model for news metadata regardless of the content or media type. G2 has powerful taxonomy management, better interactivity among IPTC standards (SportsML, EventsML and NITF), and flexibility regarding level of implementation. For more information about G2 start on the NewsML-G2 pages.

A SportsML 2.x G2 Compliance Guide has been provided that explains how SportsML fits into this larger body of work.

The "G2 Guide for Implementers" (2011 issue): a 260 page document which explains how SportsML-G2, NewsML-G2 or EventsML-G2 can easily be used by newspapers, news agencies, news web sites and news system vendors. Plus a set of example XML files. Both can be downloaded in one package.


SportsML 2.2 Released

The most important changes in this new version of Sportsml are 1) Documentation improvements 2) Additions to the core schema 3) Enhancements to the soccer plugin and 4) Adjustments to the tournament model.

See the Specification and Documentation tabs in the navigation bar on the top of this page to download the latest files.

NEW G2-Guidelines

A 260 page "G2 Guidelines for Implementers" document is available for download - see Documentation page.

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