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Who's Using It?

Content Providers

If your are a news provider and want you and your NewsML-G2-based products be registered go to the webform and let us know.

Agence France -Presse (AFP) - France -
Agence France-Presse with its new editorial and distribution system Iris is enabling its clients to benefit from a native multimedia production by adopting progressively the NewsML-G2 format.

All Headline News AHN -
AHN's news content editorial management system aka NewsBahn now supports NewsML-G2 upstream and downstream.

Associated Press (AP) - USA -
The Associated Press is in the process of rolling-out NewsML-G2 format support for its AP WebFeeds and AP Media Port content distribution platforms.  Efforts are also underway to support the G2-family of standards for content ingest.  Long-term there are plans to offer NewsML-G2 support through all other distribution channels, and also to build our new internal media processing pipeline with NewsML-G2 at its core.

Austria Presse Agentur (APA) - Austria -
APA delivers its basic service, the APA Basisdienst, using NewsML-G2. This includes the use of controlled vocabularies (CV) for many metadata fields, e.g. the IPTC Media Topics to categorize content, and CVs for organisations, locations, products.  In addition APA uses NewsML-G2 with sport tables in the SportsML-G2 format. The next area of NewsML-G2 use will be multimedia feeds.

European Broadcasting Union EBU -
The EBU is using NewsML-G2 to convey all the metadata for video content in the Eurovision network. NewsML-G2 is accessible from the EBU SuperPop server - which is well known to the industry and in particular Media Asset Management vendors developing newsroom solutions.

KNA is a German news agency for objective, factual, journalistically-independent reporting about religious and social topics and delivers all its text service feeds by NewsML-G2. As next step the picture feed will be made available in this format too.

Norsk Telegrambyrå AS (NTB) -
NTB is the news agency of Norway and delivers its SportsML sports data inside NewsML-G2 News Items.

Reuters, a Thomson Reuters company -
Reuters, the world's largest international news agency, is a leading provider of real-time, high-impact, multimedia news and information services to newspapers, television and cable networks, radio stations and websites around the globe. Reuters News Agency is natively generating NewsML-G2 for all video products. Additionally, all existing text, picture, graphic and multimedia packages are being transformed to NewsML-G2. The suite of NewsML-G2 feeds is available from Reuters Connect via a number of delivery options including ftp push, client pull, hosted and web services. NewsML-G2 content is delivered to over 1300 broadcasters, newspapers and online publishers, reaching over 1 billion users globally.

Your Story -
Your Story, the free news and press release portal, are able to take press releases in NewsML-G2 format from all distributors via FTP push. Successful partnerships with PRNewswire, Business Wire and Hugin are currently active.

System Vendors

If your are a system vendor and want you and your NewsML-G2 enabled products beregistered go to the webform and let us know.

Annova Systems Gmbh -
Annova is building editorial systems which are based on NewsML-G2

Desk-Net GmbH -
Our editorial management software Desk-Net can export content that has been entered into it in the NewsML G2 standard via ftp to editorial systems.

Fingerpost Ltd -
NewsML-G2 is supported by the standard Fip Base Module in use at 150 news agencies and newspapers around the world feeding a variety of editorial and cms systems. Live clients from October 2008


Solid State Logic -
SSL's Gravity Asset Management Products incorporate NewsML and NewsML-G2 data sets compatibility to allow for the automatic population of textual metadata to the Gravity database. This feature allows our customers to immediately begin work on production elements while large media files are still being ingested into the system. Gravity also allows users to export Gravity Metadata in NewsML and NewsML-G2 formats thus enabling users to extend the use of Gravity based media to other their party systems.


Tera Digital Publishing -
Tera's CMSA product suite of content ingestion, management, and archive products supports NewsML-G2 every step of the way. Tera's GNPortal Content Ingestion product ingests not only ingests NewsML-G2, but also validates ingested content and reports errors. Tera's GN4 content management system and Tark4 archive generate NewsML-G2 and other formats for feeds and delivery.

Transtel Communications Ltd -
Our news editorial system will receive ANY news feed from any news agency.
We have recently added support for reception of the NewsML-G2 feed.





Quick Start Guides

Guides for taking first steps NewsML-G2 basics, text, pictures and video news and packages of news.

Latest versions

Latest version: 2.19

Latest Annual Release: version 2.18 (November 2014)

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