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For the latest version = NewsML-G2 2.15 (released January 2014)

The set of Quick Start Guides covering the major media types text, pictures and video plus packages of news. Each Guide provides just enough information to create a working set of NewsML-G2 documents or to process incoming NewsML-G2 documents from external sources. The can be downloaded for free - as all the other documentation below.


The NewsML-G2 Guide for Implementers - revision 6: a 250 page document which explains how NewsML-G2, EventsML-G2 or SportsML-G2 can easily be used by newspapers, news agencies, news web sites and news system vendors.

The G2 Structure Matrix : a table with all G2 properties and all attributes of properties and indicators at the crosspoints if an attributes is defined as mandatory or optional for a property. (This is  an Excel file.)



New Quick Start Guides

Guides to text, photo and video news and packages of them - DOWNLOAD

Latest version

Version 2.15 was published in January 2014.

See the Specification and Documentation tabs in the navigation bar on the top of this page to download the latest files.

NEW Guidelines

A 280 page "G2 Implementation Guide" document  is available for download - see Documentation tab.

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