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Who's Using It?

Content Providers

If your are a news provider and want you and your EventsML-G2-based products be registered go to the webform and let us know.

dpa - Deutsche Presse Agentur (Germany) -

dpa is ready to provide it's entire event and coverage planning data in EventsML-G2.

From the first notice and validation, every event managed by the dpa event planning system is published for subscribed customers immediately. During the whole lifecycle of an event (prospective and retrospective) dpa customers are automatically updated about all relevant information as soon as the information becomes available at dpa.

This process provides a direct and almost real time connection between both dpa's and the customers content news production workflow.

Reuters Media, a Thomson Reuters company -
Reuters Media will integrate (future) Editorial EventsML-G2 events feeds into the Reuters Media Platform, for use with the existing NewsML-G2 multimedia content.

Zapaday - the global news calendar -

Zapaday offers comprehensive future news calendars in the EventsML-G2 format, including future foreign and domestic news, international affairs, elections, financial news, technology news, entertainment and royalty news.
Newsrooms can subscribe to future news calendars on Zapaday, maintain their own editorial calendars and create EventsML-G2 feeds for any combination of calendars.

System Vendors

If your are a system vendor and want you and your NewsML-G2 enabled products be registered go to the webform and let us know.

Our newsroom management platform Desk-Net is capable of receiving and
displaying EventsML-G2 data. Currently it works with data from dpa ( and STT ( and Zapaday ( .
Events can easily be turned into assignments. Assigned reporters or photographers
are immediately notified if a content provider updates the data. This way Desk-Net creates a seamless flow of information from the data source to the individual user.

Tera Digital Publishing -
Tera products generate NewsML-G2 as well as EventsML-G2 and other standard and custom formats for feeds and publication.

Transtel Communications Ltd -
Our news editorial system will receive ANY news feed from any news agency.




Latest versions

Latest version: 2.19

Latest Annual Release: version 2.18 (November 2014)

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