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For the latest version = EventsML-G2 2.15 (released January 2014)

The " G2 Guide for Implementers " - revision 6: a 250 page document which explains how NewsML-G2, EventsML-G2 or SportsML-G2 can easily be used by newspapers, news agencies, news web sites and news system vendors.

The G2 Structure Matrix : a table with all G2 properties and all attributes of properties and indicators at the crosspoints if an attributes is defined as mandatory or optional for a property. (This is  an Excel file.)



Latest version

Version 2.15 - published in January 2014

See the Specification and Documentation tabs in the navigation bar on the top of this page to download the latest files.

NEW Guidelines

A 250 page "G2 Implementation Guide" document is available for download - see Documentation tab.

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