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A solution for collecting and distributing structured event information

EventsML-G2 is a standard for conveying event information in a news industry environment, but it may be used beyond it.

In particular EvensML-G2 may be used for:
  • Receiving all facts about an event from the event organiser
  • Publishing all facts about a specific event by a news provider
  • Publishing all or only a subset of the facts of one to many events by event listings
  • Storing facts about knowledgeable events in archives
  • Adding information regarding the coverage of an event by a news provider to the distributed event facts, e.g. for daybooks

EventsML-G2 is a member of the family of G2-Standards, thus is shares many of its components with the other standards of this family. These shared components make the IPTC News Architecture for G2 and can be considered as the framework all the G2-Standars are built on.

Want to try it yourself?

We have a web form available which lets you input data for an event and upon clicking a button creates the corresponding EventsML-G2 XML instantly.
Go to the page an try it yourself.


Latest version

Version 2.15 - published in January 2014

See the Specification and Documentation tabs in the navigation bar on the top of this page to download the latest files.

NEW Guidelines

A 250 page "G2 Implementation Guide" document is available for download - see Documentation tab.

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