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The latest generation of multi-media news exchange

NewsML™ is a media-type agnostic news exchange format standard for general news and NewsML-G2 2.15 is its latest version.

IPTC has released a brand-new set of Quick Start Guides covering the major media types text, pictures and video plus packages of news. Each Guide provides just enough information to create a working set of NewsML-G2 documents or to process incoming NewsML-G2 documents from external sources.

News exchange is a method of conveying not only the core news content, but also data that describe the content in an abstract way (i.e. metadata), information about how to handle news in an appropriate way (i.e. news management metadata), information about the packaging of news information, and
finally information about the technical transfer itself.

NewsML-G2 provides exchange formats for:

  • General news: textual news, articles, photos, graphics, audio and video can be exchanged - the News Item
  • A flexible mechanism for packaging news in a structured way - the Package Item.
  • Information about concepts, used for values in controlled vocabularies - the Concept Item - and further a format to exchange full controlled vocabularies as a single file - the Knowledge Item.
  • Means to convey editorial planning to customers.
  • A wrapper around items to transmit them by any electronic means - the News Message.

NewsML-G2 is a member of the family of G2-Standards, thus is shares many of its components with the other standards of this family. These shared components make the IPTC News Architecture for G2 and can be considered as the framework all the G2-Standars are built on.



New Quick Start Guides

Guides to text, photo and video news and packages of them - DOWNLOAD

Latest version

Version 2.15 was published in January 2014.

See the Specification and Documentation tabs in the navigation bar on the top of this page to download the latest files.

NEW Guidelines

A 280 page "G2 Implementation Guide" document  is available for download - see Documentation tab.

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