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A solution for sharing sports data - developed by the world's leading news publishers

SportsML is the only open, global XML standard for the interchange of sports data. Designed to be as easy to understand and implement as possible, SportsML allows for the exchange of sports scores, schedules, standings, and statistics for a wide variety of sports competitions.

SportsML Features

  • Covers scores, schedules, standings, statistics, and more
  • Global in scope and design
  • Common framework for all sports
  • Plug-in modules for specific sports
  • Well documented and easy to use
  • Open and non-proprietary: Your feedback is welcome!

In Brief

Its extensibility allows for the easy accommodation of many sports from around the globe. SportsML cooperates with current IPTC standards NewsML and NITF to enable publishers to package sports statistics alongside edited coverage of sports.

SportsML uses the eXtensible Markup Language to define the content and structure of sports data, which means that developers of interactive or printed sports data services will have a far easier time integrating sports feeds that adhere to SportsML than if they rely on other proprietary formats.



SportsML 2.2 Released

The most important changes in this new version of Sportsml are 1) Documentation improvements 2) Additions to the core schema 3) Enhancements to the soccer plugin and 4) Adjustments to the tournament model.

See the Specification and Documentation tabs in the navigation bar on the top of this page to download the latest files.

NEW G2-Guidelines

A 260 page "G2 Guidelines for Implementers" document is available for download - see Documentation page.

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