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25 Nov 2014
Extended IPTC Photo Metadata Standard specification, including IPTC Core 1.2 and IPTC Extension 1.2. See Photo Metadata section
21 Nov 2014
NewsML-G2 + EventsML-G2 2.19: Developer Release of the standard for exchanging multimedia news, packages thereof and structured event information plus editorial planning data.
Latest Annual Release v 2.18 (November 2014)
Find more in the NewsML-G2 section or the EventsML-G2 section
7 July 2014 Minor revision of the IPTC Photo Metadata Standard (IPTC Core) - DOWNLOAD - and the Information Interchange Model IIM - DOWNLOAD.
13 Mar 2014Update of the news-in-JSON format ninjs 1.1 is available - see
22 Jan 2014
Update of the online news mark-up language  rNews 1.2 released - see the rNews pages
23 Oct 2013
RightsML 1.2 Experimental Phase released: the standard to express usage rights for news and online content in machine-readable format is ready for testing - find more on the RightsML Developer Site
21 Feb 2012
SportsML 2.2 released: update of the open XML standard for the interchange of sports data - find more in the SportsML section
12 Jan 2012
NITF Version 3.6 released: an update of the standard for marking up textual news content. DOWNLOAD the package, find more in the NITF section
22 June 2010
NewsCodes: the new Media Topic taxonomy is released, available in 5 different formats.

Photo Metadata extended: more precise and reliable

IPTC announced a new version of its Photo Metadata Standard, the most widely used standard to describe photos. It allows users to add precise and reliable data about people, products, locations and artwork shown in an image, and provides an improved and flexible way to express rights associated with a picture. IPTC is the world's leading standards body for the news media and aims to simplify the distribution of information. The specification of this standard can be downloaded from the Photo Metadata section and is available for free.
Read more >>>

NewsML-G2 v 2.18 - Annual Release

The 2014 Annual Release of the NewsML-G2 standard version 2.18 adds a further set of features requested by the news industry. One major new feature is the addition of a standardized structure to support providers’ proprietary metadata extensions, which reduces the need for provider-specific processing. Following the linked data trend to use URIs as identifiers for managed metadata, the NewsML-G2 model based on QCodes, a short format for URIs, has been extended to additionally support full URIs. This release includes the updated XML Schema and textual specifications, plus the easy to read Quick Start Guidelines and the comprehensive 260 page Guidelines document - find more >>>

Tagging images with rights information - IPTC tests published

People return from their holidays with many photos and want to share them, others want to use such shared photos. To help them find the right software for embedding their own rights data into an image file or to retrieve them from a photo by a potential user,  IPTC has tested 19 free or inexpensive programs. The results - published at on Thursday, 28 August 2014 - look promising, as half of the tested programs support photographers sharing their pictures well, while two out of three programs help the user to retrieve embedded rights data. Unfortunately two of  the programs tested don’t support rights metadata at all.
Read the full media release >>>

Stuart Myles new Chairman of the IPTC

Stuart Myles, Director of Information Management at the Associated Press, has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Press and Telecommunications Council (IPTC), succeeding Vincent Baby of Thomson Reuters, at its 49th Annual General Meeting held in Beijing (China).

Four new members of IPTC

Software vendors and digital service providers Aptoma, Apex Content Solutions and FotoWare have joined the International Press Telecommunications Council as Associate Members, and Marko Groblelnik as first ever Individual Member.

Moving Images - Moving Metadata? - documentation available

The IPTC Metadata Conference 2014 on 5 June 2014 in Berlin (Germany) discussed how to extend the management of metadata from known photo-related procedures to the video. This conference also pinned down requirements for annotations of video content shared across different business sectors - find a full documentation on

Quick Start Guides pave the way to a more powerful news exchange

IPTC released of a set of Quick Start Guides to help news vendors and publishers support multimedia publishing, streamlined workflows and efficient news distribution by adopting the NewsML-G2 standard in a few easy steps.

The Quick Start Guides provide just enough information to create a working set of NewsML-G2 documents or to process incoming NewsML-G2 documents from external sources. Individual guides are available for major media types (text, pictures and video), news packages and the basic principles shared across the board. A package of all of them can be downloaded for free at
Also the individual guides for the media types text, pictures and video plus packages of news are available.
Read the full media release about the Quick Start Guides >>>

News in JSON standardized: ninjs 1.0

ninjs standardizes the representation of news in JSON - a lightweight, easy-to-parse, data interchange format. IPTC has identified key properties and structures required to represent news and publishing information, and crafted JSON representations that are designed to result in lightweight instance documents. And we've built a JSON schema for ninjs, to help you validate your ninjs implementation. >>> more about ninjs, including specification.

Machine Readable Rights and the News Industry

How can technology help assert and protect the rights of content creators? Representatives from publishers, news agencies, photographers trade associations, law firms and standards bodies gave a pragmatic answer to this question at a one-day conference organized by the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) on March 12, 2013 in Amsterdam.
Read a summary of the event
Find all presentations, also as video

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